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Amarillo Mop & Broom Complete Liquidation

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Assiter Auctioneers has been commissioned to conduct a COMPLETE LIQUIDATION OF ALL ASSETS at Amarillo Mop and Broom Co., Inc. Including; Office Furnishings & Equipment, Mop Manufacturing & Assembly Equipment, Sewing, Cutting, Crimping, Riveting, Button Setter, Presses, Wire Machines, Handle Shaper, Air Compressors, Ref Dryer, Raw Inventory; Thread, Cotton, Rayon & Blend Yarn, Plastic Mesh, Strap Banding, Rivets, High Impact Plastic Heads, Crimps,  Mop Handles, Dust Cloths, New Inventory: Carpet Bonnets, Microfiber Dusters, 1000s of Assorted Wet & Dry Mop Heads,  Assembled Mops & Brooms, Roofing Materials, Pallet Racks, Shelving, Weighing, Packaging, Rotary Wrapping Machine, Banding, Strapping, Shipping, Tools, Workshop, Carpet Cleaner & Much Much More

1712 S.E. 27th Street Amarillo, TX 78120