The Main Ways of Making Money from Real Estate Investments

When it comes to making money, there are many different investment options you can look at. People have their own preferences and ideas when it comes to financial investments – some work out well, others not so well. However, one type of investment that has been popular for many decades and has helped many people become far wealthier is real estate investments.

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Tom Brady’s Stolen Jersey

Where Is Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LI Game-Worn Jersey?

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28,000-acre Nebraska farm, ranch fetches $37.5 million

By David Hendee World-Herald News Service | Posted 4 days ago

OGALLALA — One of Nebraska’s largest farm and ranch operations fetched $37,555,000 in bids at auction Thursday.

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Earliest known stone version of Ten Commandments sold for $850,000

The earliest known stone inscription of the Ten Commandments sold for $850,000 -- and a stipulation the owner must put the tablet on public display.

Described as a "national treasure" of Israel, the stone was first uncovered in 1913 during excavations for a railroad station near Yavneh in Israel and is the only intact tablet version of the Commandments thought to exist.

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