Broker Referral Program

Broker Referral Program

Assiter Auctioneers views Brokers/Agents as long-term strategic partners for our mutual success. Occasionally, you may have a potential listing scenario which would be best served by our auction marketing program. We handle all property types and values of real estate. 

When you have a client with a property that may be suited to our expertise, simply call our team of professionals to discuss the opportunity. We will help the Seller analyze his/her needs, the property, and market conditions in order to determine if auction is the best possible sale method for the Seller’s asset. A real estate Broker/Agent can refer a Seller to Assiter Auctioneers and receive a percentage of the sale commissions with minimal time commitment to the sale. As the referring Broker/Agent in an auction event, your primary responsibility is to introduce a qualified prospect.

Your client relationship with the Seller is protected and referral fees are always paid immediately after closing. In addition, our accelerated marketing program creates non-contingent sales, allowing the Seller to collect his/her proceeds in a reliable time frame and allowing you to receive your commissions in a more expedient fashion.

The Benefits of our Broker/Agent Referral Program:

  1. A generous referral fee
  2. Additional services to offer your clients when selling or purchasing property
  3. Another “Tool” to create and maintain long term client relationships
  4. Earning referral fees on assets located outside of your normal market area and product type
  5. Sellers receive proceeds and Broker/Agents receive commissions with no hassle and minimal time commitment

Please contact us at 806.655.3900 to see how our experience can create results for you.

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