The team at Assiter Auctioneers is closely watching the development of the coronavirus, as well as instructions to execute social distancing. We have had many meetings with each other and our sellers concerning the upcoming auctions and our sellers have chosen to proceed with business as usual. Assiter Auctioneers is making choices to mitigate the spread of the virus and to keep you safe. Thankfully online auctions are easy and effective and are available through our website! We are continuing to provide that service in all upcoming auctions so that you can bid from the safety of your own home or office! We can even accommodate your phone bids.

We believe in the unconquerable spirit of American people and believe that it is our duty to help keep our employees working but also to take the precautions that our government has asked of us. We firmly believe that soon we will all be back to business as usual, but for now we are prepared to help you and our team stay as safe as possible! 

Please don’t hesitate to call our office if you have concerns and we will do our best to make sure you are taken care of! Be blessed and stay well!!


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